Planning & Zoning


To the extent workplace circumstances and staffing levels allow, Planning & Zoning staff will continue to provide the following services in the manner described below. If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact Lori Johnson by email at  or call (262) 250-4735. Although Village Hall is closed to visitors and in-person meetings, Planning & Zoning staff will continue to accept permit applications and plans for review and processing until further notice.

You are able to submit your applications and plans by regular mail, email or you can drop off large format plans and related applications in the designated area in the front lobby of Village Hall during business hours. Please contact Lori Johnson in advance if you would like to drop off any large-format plans or applications to ensure that Village Hall is open and staff available to receive your submittal.  Payment for all permit application fees will need to be submitted by check. When a permit is approved and ready to be issued, it will be mailed back to the applicant, or, staff will contact you to arrange for pick-up at a pre-arranged day & time in the designated area in the front lobby of Village Hall.

Plan & Permit Applications Requiring Plan Commission and Village Board Review & Action

Applications that require Plan Commission and Village Board review will be scheduled for review & action on the next available meeting date after said applications have been determined to be complete by Planning & Zoning staff. At this time, we anticipate being able to conduct public meetings (and public hearings) in a manner that may involve or require remote participation by members of the Plan Commission, the applicant and/or the general public by way of video conferencing. The technological improvements necessary to accomplish this are currently being installed and tested. For this reason, until we know for certain if and when public meetings and public hearings can be scheduled, we cannot guarantee that your application or plan will be scheduled in accordance with the regular schedule of Plan Commission meeting dates. At this time, we do know that any applications that were submitted or previously scheduled for the April 13 Plan Commission meeting AND require a public hearing will be moved to the May 11 Plan Commission meeting.

Please contact Lori Johnson at  or call (262) 250-4735 for up-to-date information about the status of your application and future Plan Commission meeting dates.

Planning and zoning services provides land-use planning and zoning code administration and enforcement within the Village of Germantown. Planning and zoning services staff are responsible for the processing, review, and approval of all projects related to future development, sign review, and various other permits and enforcement issues. The Planning Department enforces the village’s zoning code to ensure compliance.


Responsibilities include:
  • Create and maintain the village's Comprehensive Plan.
  • Interpret, administer, and enforce the Zoning Code (Chapter 17), Subdivision and Platting Code (Chapter 18), Floodplain Zoning Code (Chapter 23), and the Shoreland-Wetland Zoning Code (Chapter 24) of the Village of Germantown Municipal Code.
  • Review and approve zoning compliance / occupancy permits.
  • Review and process development-related permit and approval applications, including: site plan review, conditional use permits, rezoning requests, sign review, certified survey maps (CSMs), temporary use permits, subdivision plats, plan development districts (PDDs), berm permits, floodplain verification, comprehensive map amendments, and wetland delineations.
  • Enforces the village’s noxious weed and property maintenance codes.
  • Participate in meetings of the Village Board, Board of Zoning Appeals, Plan Commission, and Economic Development Commission.