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May 14, 2020 Update

While Washington County has not issued its own safer at home order, this morning the County Health Department posted their re-opening guidelines and are asking businesses to voluntarily comply. We have been informing businesses that contact Village Hall they are free to open at this point and directing them to the County website below for additional information:

We are also working to open Village facilities and restore programs in a manner that complies with these sane County guidelines. We will have an item on the Village Board agenda this coming Monday asking the Board to approve the use of those guidelines as we ramp up operations if that is the direction they would like staff to take. Monday’s Village Board meeting will be held in person and virtually through Webex.

As information changes, we will try to update residents as soon as we can. 

April 13, 2020: Village Community Resource Guide

Click for our brief one page resource guide with links to services, businesses that are open, and restaurants.

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March 25, 2020: What the Safer at Home Order Means for Germantown

On March 24th, Governor Evers issued a “Safer at Home” order placing restrictions on activities of residents, businesses, schools and municipalities. Even though the Village had already implemented many of the directives of the new order, we know that the next several weeks are going to be challenging.  Our goal is to provide as much assistance and information as we can to our residents, while keeping our staff safe.  We believe that we can get through this if we stick together (while remaining apart)!

Department Updates and Changes as of March 25

Police Department and Fire Department: No service level changes except that both departments are taking more safety precautions. They are asking more questions if you call 911; they are reducing training events, and they are limiting outreach activities.  However, both departments are currently fully staffed and equipped to meet any needs that may arise for our residents, whether COVID-19 related or not. .  The Police Department has been asked if we are able to enforce the order.  The order is enforceable by local law enforcement under Wis. Stat. § 252.25.  Please know, the intent of the police department is to educate and gain compliance.  We believe this will effectively resolve all but the most egregious offenses or those cases where previous warnings are ignored.  

Public Works Department: Similarly, our Public Works Department including our water and wastewater utilities, are still staffed and ready to meet any needs that may arise.   We have closed our Recycling Center until further notice because we are not able to meet the social distancing requirements State has put into place.  If you call the Public Works Department, someone will continue to answer the phone and direct (or answer) your inquiries appropriately.

Community Development: Limited service will be provided by staff in the Planning & Zoning and Building Inspection areas in Village Hall. Only those services that can be conducted by mail, online or by telephone will continue to be provided to the extent working conditions and staffing will allow. On-site building inspections for new construction will continue to be provided to the extent that working conditions and staffing allow. However, certain types of inspections may be delayed or deferred. More details regarding Planning & Zoning Services are provided here:  More details regarding Building Inspection Services are provided here: Plan Commission meetings will continue as needed, so zoning permits, conditional use permits, and CSM changes can continue through the process similar to how they normally would. Please note: the way in which public input is taken may be different than it was previously in order to avoid large crowds of people gathered at Village Hall.  Information about process changes will be shared in advance. Full information for the department’s changes for the next few weeks can also be found here.

Clerk’s Department: As election overseers, the Village Clerk and Deputy Clerks will continue to work in Village Hall each day.  Absent voting in person and via mail continue.  All absentee voting in person will take place in the Village Hall Board Room.  If you can request a mail in absentee ballot and return it via mail, we would greatly appreciate it. You can do this by going to or emailing

Finance Department: Our Finance Department remains completely operational.  If you have questions about dog licenses, special assessment letters, accounts payable, accounts receivable or property taxes please call 262-250-4700; Utility billing questions or concerns 262-250-4703.  Payments can be mailed, processed over the phone or made online through our Village Website  There is also a drop box receptacle at the front door under the clock tower. We are not accepting in person payments at this time. Do not hesitate to call or email for assistance.

Park & Recreation: To comply with the Governor’s Safer at Home Order, our Park & Rec administrative employees will be working from home. Half of the department will continue to work on recreation planning and customer service, which will include summer registrations after the new brochure is delivered.    The other full-time recreation staff will be assisting with our communications/outreach efforts.  More information about Park & Recreation changes can be found here. You can reach the rec department by at or by phone at 262-250-4710. Please leave a detailed message about your needs.

Senior Center: Our Senior Center is closed for all activities, but our staff is still available to help Germantown seniors, from 9am-1pm Monday-Friday.  We will soon be rolling out a service for well-check phone calls to interested seniors.   More information about this will be available soon.  We know it is a difficult time for everyone, but especially for our seniors, and we are going to do what we can to help!

Community Library: Under Governor Evers’ order, public libraries are to remain closed to the public. However, libraries are allowed to offer digital programming and resources, which will be our focus over the next few weeks.  Our library offers digital materials for checkout, Gale courses, and other awesome digital resources (all of which can be found on the Community Library website at  We also plan to offer online story time and other fun online programming. 

Communications:  As mentioned, we are going to have a communications team over the next few weeks. Our hope is that we will be able to provide much more information to our residents about resources, open business, restaurant offerings, and other information of interest.  We will be providing these resources on our website and on social media.  If you have tips or questions you would like us to include, please email

March 23, 2020

The current COVID-19 Virus pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for individuals, businesses and governments. While some Village services and programs have been suspended during this time to comply with social distancing directives and to help slow the spread of this illness, many essential Village services need to continue. The Village Board and various other Village Committees and Commissions will continue to meet during this time to ensure that Village operations are not interrupted.

The Village has undertaken a review and analysis of the various legal, technical and factual factors involved in this truly unique situation to provide as broad of access as is reasonably possible in compliance with open meeting requirements while also ensuring appropriate social distancing requirements are met to protect the health of our residents, elected officials and staff. This review and analysis is a continual process and the conclusions reached are subject to change based upon a myriad of factors as the impacts from the pandemic continue to play out.

Accordingly, at this time members of the Village Board, committees or commissions will be able to participate in meetings remotely through the use of WebEx should they desire and per Resolution 27-2020 will be able to vote on items before their respective bodies while participating remotely. Any officials participating in meetings in person will be seated at least six feet apart to the extent possible.

At this time, physical access to meetings by citizens will not be prohibited. However, public seating will be limited to ensure proper social distancing requirements. Citizens are strongly encouraged to access public meetings by viewing the live broadcast. Village Board and Plan Commission meetings will continue to be broadcast on cable, and all meetings will be streamed on the internet through links on the Village website. Information on how to access meetings through these methods will be included on each agenda.

Citizens will also have several ways to submit comments for Village meetings. Comments can be submitted by email to before a meeting , by telephone to 262-250-4740 or by U.S. mail. All comments received will be entered into the record for the respective meeting. Citizens will also have the opportunity to verbally provide comments during the meeting by phone or internet through the WebEx system when that function is opened by the chair.

Again, we are strongly encouraging residents to take advantage of the several methods of remote participation that we are making available to them in order to safeguard their health and the health of the community. While the Village Board room will be open for meetings, seating will be limited due to social distancing. Once the capacity of the room is reached, no additional member of the public will be allowed to enter the room.

The directions given by the Federal and State governments are changing on a day to day basis. The Village may need to adjust public meeting practices in the future. Please check our website regularly for updates. If you have any questions, concerns or would like any additional information please contact Village Administrator Steven Kreklow at or 262-250-4750.

Previous Updates Can be Found Here. Information will be continually added as changes occur.

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